Warning over 'myGov' email: 'Your request has been processed'

myGov email scam. Australian money.
Aussies are being warned about a new email scam claiming to be sent by myGov. (Source: MailGuard/Getty)

Aussies are being warned about a new email scam that claims to be sent from myGov. In reality, the email is sent by scammers who are trying to steal Aussies’ personal information.

The email was flagged by MailGuard and has the subject line, “MyGovTeam: The application form you submitted is approved”.

The email tells the recipient, “your request has been processed” and includes a link to a fake myGov form.

MailGuard said one red flag was that the email didn’t mention MyGov again or use its branding. However, it said Aussies could still be tricked into clicking the form out of curiosity.

The fake form does include the myGov logo and tells the recipient they are eligible for a tax refund of $668.64. They are then asked to complete another form by December 31, 2022 to claim the refund.

myGov scam
MailGuard has flagged a new email scam claiming to be sent by myGov. (Source: MailGuard)

If the recipient followed the link, MailGuard said they would be taken to a fake myGov site, which, on first glance, appeared to be legitimate.

“The site closely resembles the myGov login page, and even the tab says, ‘Sign in with myGov’ and uses their logo,” MailGuard said.

“However, upon closer inspection, it’s obvious that the URL is not associated with myGov, and appears to be hosted on a compromised WordPress page.”

The scammers then ask for the user’s myGov login details and later try to steal their credit card information in order to process the “refund”.

MailGuard urged Aussies to delete the email immediately without clicking on any links.

“Providing your personal details can result in your sensitive information being used for criminal activity,” MailGuard warned.

MailGuard said it had intercepted a number of fake MyGov emails throughout the year. Many of the scams promise users a “refund” and attempt to trick them into handing over their personal information.

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