Waitress 'traumatised' after python falls from cafe ceiling, chases her

A waitress has been left “traumatised” after a massive python dropped from a cafe’s ceiling and began chasing after her.

Fern, 28, was working in the shop in Thailand selling milk tea and coffee when out of nowhere the deadly snake poked its head out from a gap next to the air conditioning unit.

Captured on CCTV, its long body can be seen reaching down towards the counter, while the employee runs to the back of the store and screams for help.

Fortunately several workmen standing just outside the door and were on hand to assist. Leaning forward, one man makes a grab for the python before something falls down from the roof. A second man then appears with a long blue pipe. As the two men try to hook the python, it suddenly drops down onto the floor.

The giant python coming out of the ceiling of the cafe in Thailand (right) and a workman pulling the python by its tail (right).
The giant python was captured on the cafe's CCTV falling from the roof. Source: Australscope

In the next shot, the counter has been moved and the python is filmed slithering across the shop’s tiles, moving items in its wake, while Fern’s screams intensify. Making a menacing dart towards her, the snake appears ready to attack.

As the python inches closer towards her, the men can be seen sliding the counter to the side before a third man bends down to grab the snake from behind. It takes him several attempts to wrestle the reptile before he is able to drag it outside by its tail.

Once outside on the road, the snake was placed into a bag and picked up by an animal rescue team to be released back into the wild.

Traumatised worker praises snake wranglers

A shaken Fern said when she first saw the snake, she tried to make a run for it out of the front of the shop, but when its head popped down, she ran to the back of the store.

“I couldn’t leave from behind because it is a dead end,” she explained. “I am afraid of snakes and I never wanted to see one in real life. I’m so lucky that the workers caught the snake.”

While the python left no damage in store except for one broken jar, Fern said she is “traumatised.”

“I keep thinking about the snake and imagining it coming through the ceiling again,” she said. “I'm afraid if I open the door there will be a snake hanging there again. I'm still scared. Many people messaged me asking if I was okay, and I told all of them that I am okay but I'm still terrified. I had nightmares after this happened, but I still need to work so I have to come back to the same place.”

While the reticulated python, found throughout Southeast Asia, is one of the world’s largest snakes and can eat humans, cats, dogs, birds, rats and other snakes, Fern revealed locals hold a certain superstition about them.

“People say that if you see a snake, it means that you're meeting your soulmate soon,” she said. “But if my soulmate comes as big as this snake, then I would rather not.”

Viral Press/Australscope

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