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Phil Walsh 'a guardian of the game'

Tributes for Phil Walsh continue to flow across the nation, from local footy grounds to AFL clashes, where they pause to remember the murdered Crows coach. Fraser Goldsworthy reports.

The changing face of Sydney

FIRST ON 7: Whether you are born in Sydney or moved here, we all have a strong opinion about this special city. Mark Ferguson reports.

Aussie gay marriage unpopular in Asia

A federal cabinet minister has claimed that Australia's Asian neighbours will see us as decadent if parliament votes to allow same-sex marriage. Tim Lester reports.

Karmichael Hunt speaks out about drug use

FIRST ON 7: Karmichael Hunt has revealed his choices when Queensland's crime and corruption commission turned up investigating his drug taking. Pat Welsh reports.

A mother's worst nightmare

FIRST ON 7: A Gold Coast mother has made a heartbreaking appeal for help to find her missing teenage daughter and her daughter's best friend. Natasha Squarey reports.

Woman's earlobe severed by dog

A 22-year-old woman has been taken to hospital after she was viciously attacked by three dogs. Amanda Abate reports.

Passengers furious over cancelled Bali trips

FIRST ON 7: Holidaymakers bound for Bali have had their flights turned back to Brisbane as a volcanic ash cloud moves closer to Denpasar Airport. Lexy Hamilton-Smith reports.

Father and son accused of conning farmers

FIRST ON 7: Police from three states are urgently seeking information on two men alleged to have been involved in a rural crime spree. Natasha Squarey reports.

Young Aussie dies fighting against IS

A heartbreaking video message has emerged from a young Gold Coast surfer who died, fighting against the Islamic State in Syria. Eammon Atkinson reports.

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