Tiny detail in photo a clue to identifying man responsible for 'reckless' crocodile act

Days earlier a crocodile reportedly lunged at a fisherman, resulting in it being declared 'dangerous'.

A still showing a man's legs as he walks on top of a crocodile trap in a river. It's possible to see some bait in the foreground.
Queensland authorities have shared a picture of a man's legs, after he allegedly interfered with a crocodile trap. Source: DESI

A man has been caught on camera interfering with a baited crocodile trap, close to where a four-metre salty lunged at a fisherman.

Taken on Wednesday, the image shows a barefoot man standing on top of the trap at Cattle Creek near Ingham, Queensland. While it only shows his legs, authorities hope someone might recognise who they belong to and dob him in.

The Department of Environment (DES) warned such behaviour can be life-threatening calling the man responsible “reckless”. Traps are designed to bait so-called “problem crocodiles” which it believes pose a danger to humans and there were several warning signs in the area.

“Interfering with a crocodile trap is potentially life-threatening behaviour and we cannot understand why the man has taken this risk,” senior wildlife officer Tony Frisby said.

“The baited, floating trap was set to capture a four-metre crocodile that lunged twice at a person fishing from the bank on 18 April 2024.”

Risky behaviour around crocodiles is a common occurrence in Queensland and the Northern Territory, but there's a particular reason authorities are angry about this case.

DESI the man also risked the lives of other people visiting the area, as interfering with a trap can leave it out of commission, setting back efforts to catch the crocodile.

In Queensland, the maximum penalty for interfering with a crocodile trap is $18,576, and DESI has urged anyone with information to contact it on 1300 130 372.

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