Aussies divided as Tesla Cybertruck spotted on city streets

We were told it wouldn't be making its way down under for Australian drivers, but is that about to change?

A Tesla Cybertruck is seen here on Sydney's George Street.
Many have been fairly vocal over their distaste for the design. But what do you think? Source: Facebook

Tesla's controversial new Cybertruck has been spotted touring through Sydney's inner-city, sparking fresh theories it might soon be manufactured for Australian drivers after all, despite previous reports suggesting there'd be no such rollout Down Under.

The ultra futuristic-looking vehicle, which is reminiscent of something you'd see in a science-fiction film, has long divided opinion since its unveiling in 2023 due to the car's unorthodox appearance, with people seeming to either love, or bitterly hate the boxy, silver design.

Last year rumours spread that the Cybertruck might make its way to Australian roads, but multiple reports which claimed to source Tesla employees quickly poured cold water on that. It was understood the fully electric vehicle — which features a triangular body design with flat sheet metal panels made of stainless steel — would not be manufactured in right-hand drive for sale locally.

Tesla's Cybertruck pictured at North Sydney and in the city's CBD.
The futuristic-looking vehicle has made its way around the city today. Source: Facebook

But after multiple Sydneysiders uploaded images of the Cybertruck cruising through the city's streets, it appears that Tesla is conducting an elaborate publicity stunt, potentially to gauge interest in the vehicle from Australian drivers.

Images and video uploaded to social media show the pick-up truck driving through Kings Cross and Potts Point in Sydney's inner-city, at Bondi and Coogee in the east and in North Sydney.

Tesla has in recent months brought the Cybertruck on a tour of key right-hand-drive markets in the Asia-Pacific, including Thailand, Malaysia and Japan, as well as some parts of Europe, where it was earlier confirmed it will not be sold, adding fuel to rumours that could soon change.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted the local PR wing of Tesla about the meaning behind the suspected stunt.

However despite no formal confirmation from the manufacturing giant yet, there's one thing that's certain — people remain torn over its appearance. On social media, Aussies in particular were vocal in response to images taken on Friday.

Tesla's Cybertruck is spotted at Bondi, left, and in North Sydney, right.
Tesla's Cybertruck is spotted at Bondi, left, and in North Sydney, right. Source: Facebook

"It's like something that Homer Simpson would design. That said, I can see it being a classic because of its notoriety," a woman said. "It’s hideous!" said simply remarked.

"Great. Another truck that doesn't fit in the white lines," one man wrote. "Not my cup of tea that’s for sure," another echoed. "Stainless steel. That's gunna go well in an Australian summer. You will get sunburnt just walking past the bloody thing," another joked.

On the other hand, at least one person said they were "excited for what's to come".

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