Shocking video reveals chef's 'disgusting' act

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A university is investigating after viral video showed one of its canteen staff using a wok as a mop bucket.

The video, which has since circulated widely on Chinese social media site Weibo, shows the male worker sporting white overalls and a chef’s hat, lift the mop to the wok on top of the kitchen’s stove before swirling it around in water and placing it back on the floor.

On the glass screen in front of the staff member a sign reads: “Food safety is important”, Ningxia News Network reported.

The short clip was filmed from one of Ningxia Institute of Technology’s cafeteria in the northwestern Chinese city of Shizuishan earlier this week.

The worker dipped the mop into the cooking pot before returning it to the floor.
The worker dipped the mop into the cooking pot before returning it to the floor. Source: Weibo

On Tuesday the university released a statement regarding the matter, saying an immediate investigation is underway as well as an inspection of the hygiene supervision and operating procedures of the canteen.

The cafeteria has been temporarily closed and the management of the catering company involved have reportedly been interviewed.

The university later told Chinese media there had been management negligence and a later announcement regarding further action would follow.

The video prompted a wave of comments on Weibo, with users disgusted by the worker’s behaviour.

“Such people should be banned from entering the food industry,” one person wrote.

Others labelled it “disgusting” and “shocking”.

Some users called for severe punishment and feared it was not the first time the worker had behaved in such a way.

The catering company is also contracted to work at supermarkets and hospitals in Ningxia, Shandian News reported.

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