Awkward moment man caught out in disastrous job interview fail

A video of man being caught trying out a bizarre tactic to win a job during an interview has gone viral.

Footage has resurfaced and shared widely on social media after someone dug up the video of the failed interview and shared it to Reddit on Tuesday.

The Reddit thread brought media attention to the video by sharing a link to the YouTube video, which was uploaded by Shashank Mokashi in February this year.

But the same video appeared on ARY News in March 2017.

Footage appears to show a conversation taking place during a Skype interview.

The man who is shown on screen is being interviewed for a job and is seen answering questions, but the audio doesn’t quite match up with his lip movements.

One might assume there is some sort of delay in the video call, but the man who appears to be conducting the interview is heard calling out the man.

“It is not you who is speaking,” the interviewer says in the video.

“Someone else is speaking here and you’re just lip synching.

“I can also hear your voice, the candidate who is sitting right in front of me.”

A man who appeared to try his luck at cheating during a job interview. It didn't work out well. Source: ARY News.

The man in the video, whose plan was just exposed, looks increasing uncomfortable as the interviewer continues.

“I caught you, it’s not the right way, man,” the interviewer said.

The interviewer explains the man probably isn’t a good fit as the position he was interviewing for is a senior position.

“Not a position where someone comes and gives you a task and you’re going to deliver it,” the interviewer said.

“I’m sorry, you’re not going to continue this interview process.”

The interviewer also suggested the man not do something like this again.

“At least practise before you take the interview,” he says.

But it is not clear whether he meant for the man to practise the lip-syncing or brush up on his interview skills.

The man who just missed out on the job looks defeated, while the interviewer apologises, and then thanks the unfortunate applicant before abruptly hanging up the Skype call.

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