Tragic teens under the state s watch
Tragic teens under the state's watch

Three children killed in a horrific high-speed smash in Melbourne's north were under the state's watch, it has been reported.

The driver, 16-year-old Terri Laticq from Sunbury, 14-year-old Yazmin Irfan, from Sunbury, and 12-year-old Brandon Johnson, from Preston, died at the scene when the car, believed to be stolen, veered off the road and slammed into a brick wall at Coolaroo just after midnight on Thursday.

Three other teenagers were injured, one critically, and were taken to hospital.

News Ltd reports the three dead children had been known to the state, but due to legal constraints a government spokeswoman could not comment on the surviving trio.

"This incident is devastating and our heart felt sympathy goes out to all affected by this tragedy," the spokeswoman said.

A steady procession of grieving family and friends left flowers, tributes and other mementos at a makeshift roadside memorial near the crash site yesterday.

Yazmin's aunt Minnie Huseyin, 32, told Seven News her family has been left devastated the loss.

"It's a 14-year-old girl gone. She had practically all of her life to enjoy...she was taken too soon," she said.

Ms Huseyin said she was shocked Yazmin was in a stolen and overloaded car, and has pleaded with others not to repeat the mistake.

"I think it's out of character, I didn't believe it. Yasmin's not like this," she said. "I don't know if it was pressure, to be cool or hang around with cool people.

"I hope people learn and don't make the same mistake because it can cost you your life. You want to grow up and enjoy your life. You don't want to be buried at a young age."

Yazmin Irfan among three fatalities in horror crash at Coolaroo. Photo: Supplied

Royal Children's Hospital acting director of emergency Dr Ed Oakley has called on teenagers to realise they are not invincible and that risk-taking behaviour can lead to permanent injury or death.

He said he saw up to 50 car crashes a year involving young people.

"From our point of view all of these injuries are preventable and seeing a single major injury or fatality from a motor vehicle crash in a teenager is one too many," he said on Thursday.

Two boys injured in yesterday's horrific crash are being treated at the Royal Children's Hospital.

Dr Oakley said the pair were in stable condition but had suffered significant injuries.

"A number of teenagers being injured or killed in a single accident is terrible. I feel for the families that are going through this and for the staff that looked after the patients," he said.

"We would like never to see these accidents happen."

Dr Oakley said teenagers were often at greater risk because they think they are "invincible".

Dr Oakley urged teens to think about the impact of risk-taking behaviour.

"My warning to them is take a moment to think about the potential effect the risk-taking behaviour may have not just on them but their friends who are with them and their family," he said.

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