'I didn’t know happiness until we found him': Hiker found alive after five days

The son of the hiker found alive after being lost in Victorian bushland for five days has spoken of his relief, saying the 50-year-old's "ambition and motivation" kept him going.

Julio Ascui, also known as Lester, had not been heard from since making a Facebook post on Friday and his car was found parked at Halls Gap at the Grampians National Park two days later.

On Wednesday, rescue teams incredibly found Ms Ascui sitting next to a small creek with only a few scratches and bruises.

His son Joshua said the first words his father said to him when he walked out of the bush was: "What's everyone so worried about?"

Julio Ascui spent five nights in Victorian bushland and was found with minor cuts and bruises. Photo: 7 News
Mr Ascui's backpack contained just one water bottle and a sandwich. Photo: 7 News

"Tears just fell down my face, I don't think I've ever showed my dad so much love," Joshua said.

"I didn’t know happiness until we found my dad today.”

Joshua said apart from having scratches and grazes, his father looked "perfectly fine" and "could have kept going for five more days".

Mr Ascui shared the contents of his backpack after he was rescued, which contained an empty bottle, a bandage, a first aid kit, a sandwich, goggles and a bandaid.

The father said he felt "really well" after being found and was just thirsty.

He survived by drinking water from the stream, eating eucalyptus and used a lighter to start a fire.

Mr Ascui's son Joshua said he broke down when he first saw his father after five days. Photo: 7 News

More than 25 friends and family had camped out in caravans to help the search and Joshua said they were becoming increasingly concerned with the weekend approaching.

"We were really dreading this coming Saturday, because 45 degrees is predicted," he said.

Joshua said his sister is getting married in April and with the news his father has made it out of the bush he said it will be "more than a wedding".

"We were starting to think she wouldn't have her father walking her down the aisle," he said.

Mr Ascui enjoyed a meal shortly after his rescue. Photo: 7 News

"Words can't explain what he means to our family."

After the incredible rescue, Mr Ascui was pictured enjoying a drink, sandwich and chocolate bar.

"Police would like to thank everyone involved in the search for Julio whose efforts have resulted in this successful outcome," a Victoria Police statement read.