Vegemite fans shocked by detail on 90-year-old jar: 'You have to be kidding'

An old jar of Vegemite has baffled Aussies, who were shocked to learn how the infamous salty spread was used in years gone by.

A man posted photos of the surprisingly well-preserved jar to Facebook group Old Shops Australia, claiming his father found it on a building site 40 years ago. Another group member pointed out this particular design was used for Vegemite between 1930 and 1939.

The images show a glass jar with a rusted lid and a torn yellow label including a vintage version of the iconic Vegemite logo. But what really stunned fans of the household staple are the featured serving suggestions.

Left: Promotional photo of a Vegemite jar. Right: Old jar of Vegemite
A man has shared photos of a jar of Vegemite from the 1930s, which his father found on a construction site 40 years ago. Source: Facebook/C Logan

The label suggests using Vegemite in "soups, stews and gravies" as well as mixing half to a whole teaspoon with milk or water for a "nourishing beverage", throwing social media for a loop.

"Vegemite on toast just about every day of my life but in milk you have to be kidding," one Aussie commented, while others declared the once-popular concoction "disgusting", "yuck" and "awful".

"Here darl have a cup of hot sodium" and "Anyone for a hot Vegemite milkshake?" joked other group members.

Serving suggestions on old Vegemite label
The vintage Vegemite label suggests using the spread in soups, stews and gravies as well as making a hot beverage with it. Source: Facebook/C Logan

Home remedy

Some Facebook users were sent on a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about being given the unusual mixture when they were sick as children.

"My mum used to make Vegemite soup for us when we were sick as kids. It was so good," one woman wrote, while another woman said her mother gave it to her when she had glandular fever in the 1980s. "She said her mum (my nanna) would give it to her when she was sick! Omg I'll never forget it because I swear I threw it up and could still taste it for days, argh was just awful," she commented.

Others claimed to still enjoy a hot cup of "Vegemite broth", with one man writing, "Teaspoon of Vegemite in a cup of boiling water, tip over cut-up buttered bread. Yum."

Brownie recipe with Vegemite as an ingredient
Vegemite is listed as a key ingredient in a number of Australian recipes. Source: Reddit

Secret ingredient

The unusual Vegemite combinations didn't stop there, with one mother adding that her children would "complain if there was no Vegemite on their Weet-Bix and milk".

In a separate Reddit post, someone shared three magazine recipes that listed Vegemite as a key ingredient in brownies, bolognese and cheesecake.

"There was an entire Vegemite themed recipe section," the Redditor wrote, to which another responded that anything with "Vegemite chucked in is just basic home cooking."

A promotional photo of Vegemite's new 'Mighty Meals' labels as part of a new campaign to encourage Aussies to cook using the infamous spread. Source: Facebook/Vegemite
Vegemite's new 'Mighty Meals' labels aim to encourage Aussies to cook using the infamous salty spread. Source: Facebook/Vegemite

The cooking revelations come soon after Vegemite launched a new marketing campaign featuring limited-edition labels. Encouraging Aussies to cook with the spread, the word "Vegemite" has been replaced by the names of various dishes that can be made with it including nachos, bolognese, pizza, pho and stir fry.

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