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Many Americans are stumped by the appeal of Vegemite, and it certainly doesn't help that they often try it by scooping a big spoonful.

But there are some across the Pacific who swear by the salty goodness, and one US resident has expressed their delight at its impressive shelf life.

Taking to the Australia subreddit on Sunday, they revealed they've discovered an old jar of the yeast-based spread in their cupboard and in a photo showed off the date on its base.

Turns out they'd had it for over 10 years.

The jar's Best Before date was over 11 years ago. Source: Reddit/ freddyt55555
The date on the jar's base was over 11 years ago. Source: Reddit/ freddyt55555

"If you've ever wondered if it's true that Vegemite has no expiration date, I can confirm that it's true," they explained after devouring toast smeared with the famous spread.

Dozens took to the post to reveal it was well-known in Australia that the spread was pretty much "immortal".

"Vegemite is to Australians what honey was to the ancient Egyptians. You will be ok to uncover a jar from a grave in 2000 years and still use it," one person explained.

Another said they had a jar from a camping trip from seven years ago that "still tastes 100 per cent bonza".

Some Aussies say Vegemite lasts forever. Source: Getty
Some Aussies say Vegemite lasts forever. Source: Getty

One person said they'd had a little packet of Vegemite for 19 years that was "fine".

"It’s 70 per cent salt so you probably have at least another 6 Australian prime minister changes before it stop being effective against drop bears," another joked.

"Two things will outlast humanity: 1. Micro plastics 2. Vegemite" one comment read.

"The correct way to have Vegemite is to buy a jar and leave it in the cupboard forever," another said.

Many agreed the only way the Vegemite would go bad is if it was contaminated with butter or water, but some suggested it does get thicker over the years.

The official line coming from Vegemite is that there's no Use By date, simply a Best Before.

And they appear to settle the age-old debate over whether your jar lives in the cupboard or the fridge.

"Vegemite is a shelf stable product and once opened can be stored in the cupboard or pantry," its website says.

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