Vegan hits out at 'horrendous' fish market sign

A divisive sign advertising for a fish market has angered vegans who have criticised it for spreading a “horrendous” message.

The neon sign was photographed at Sydney’s Paddy’s Markets, in the CBD, and showed three fish in decreasing sizes all swimming towards a fishing hook.

They were positioned next to the words, “fish are food, not friends”, which was a phrase many took issue with after a photo of it was shared to social media.

The man who shared the image described it an “awful sign” which went against his “mantra” of “sealife not seafood”.

Photo shows sign saying 'fish are food, not friends' inside Sydney's Paddy's Markets.
This sign inside Paddy's Markets caused a stir among vegans. Source: Facebook

“I'm plant based and have been vegan for three years, and vegetarian for ten. For a minute I was pescatarian, to my now dismay,” he wrote to a vegan group.

“But alas we live and learn. This neon sign was very upsetting to come across.”

Others seemed equally offended, agreeing that the sign was “truly awful” and “disgusting”.

“This sign is truly awful. I have never seen it before,” one comment read.

“This is disgusting. Would be such a shame if someone came along and smashed the sign,” another wrote.

The sign seemed to be a play on the common phrase “friends not food”, which is spread widely among vegan circles.

One suggested the sign could work to the vegan movement’s advantage if a child asked their parents what it meant.

“It could so easily backfire and the 'friends not food' message is clearly working. Imagine a kid asking their parent what it means, it would have the same impact,” they wrote.

“Anything to stay afloat. When these industries feel threatened, they try so hard to stay relevant,” someone else said.

The man who shared the image said the sign didn’t appear to be attached to any business in particular as it was positioned in the main hall of the market and not close to a specific stall.

Despite this, there were several calls for the sign to be “rearranged” - one suggesting that a couple of words could be broken, and another simply saying, “smash it”.

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