Looking for love? The Australian suburbs where it's 'raining men'

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

New data released for Valentine’s Day suggests there might be a simple but effective way for single people to change their relationship status.

Being single may have something to do with a person’s geographical location, according to figures released by Finder, which has revealed certain suburbs have higher densities of singletons than others.

Of the seven million Australians without a significant other, the biggest proportion were found to live in Melbourne’s CBD, according to Finder, which drew its findings from the latest census data. Sixty per cent of women there are single, while 56 per cent of the male population are without a partner.

Suburbs in Melbourne have some of the highest concentrations of singles in Australia. Source: File/Getty Images

Carlton, an inner north suburb of Melbourne, was second in line for its single count and Kingsford, in Sydney’s east, wasn’t far behind that.

The suburbs in Australia with the most single women are Melbourne’s CBD, Carlton and Chippendale in Sydney, while the most single men also lived in Melbourne’s CBD and Carlton as well as Kingsford.

At state level, the highest proportion of singles live in South Australia, while those looking for a date might like to steer clear of the Northern Territory, where there’s the lowest proportion of singles.

“Inner-city suburbs tend to have the highest number of singles. These locations are packed with bars and restaurants, making them the perfect place for a post-work drink,” money expert Bessie Hassan said.

The data was compiled based on the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics census results which considered single people those not in a de facto relationship or marriage.

She added that while love may be priceless, a change in scenery was anything but, with the median unit price in Kingsford being $800,000.

Certain suburbs in Australia have lower couple counts, including Melbourne's CBD and Kingsford in Sydney. Source: File/Getty Images

Ms Hassan went as far to say it was “raining men” in particular Melbourne spots, including North Melbourne and South Wharf.

“Realistically, you shouldn't have to move suburbs to meet a potential partner. But you could consider trading your local bars and cafes with ones in these ‘single suburbs’, or signing up to classes or fitness groups in areas with a high number of singles.”

People in their 20s shouldn’t worry or be concerned about running out of options with the average age of singles being 30.5.

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