US influencer slams 'terrible' problem with Australia

Aussie viewers are divided over the woman's gripes.

An American influencer has taken aim at Australia with a list of pet peeves after a recent trip to Perth and Sydney. "I just spent 10 days in Australia and I have words," Lo Swo, a digital creator and OnlyFans model, told her TikTok followers.

While she began her video by praising the country for its "clean and fresh" smelling air, Lo was quick to air her first complaint about the land Down Under. "Flies," she said. "Australians, I don't know how you're surviving with the flies."

Conceding that mosquitoes are bad where she lives in Florida, she said she'd take them any day over Australia's flies, even though she understands they get worse in summer. "Help me God, that was terrible," she added.

Lo Swo in her TikTok video filmed inside a car
Lo Swo, a digital creator and OnlyFans model, listed her pet peeves about Australia in a video which has since gone viral. Source: TikTok/@wouldyakindly

Laundry list of Australia's 'downsides'

The content creator then went on to describe the trauma she experienced while watching a magpie "gang fight". "It was like a five-on-one fight. Pretty sure they killed the one. I don't know why but it happened. I saw it. It was terrifying," she told her 313,000 followers.

Next up, she claimed Aussies have warped concepts of time and distance, before complaining about our lack of nightlife. "Nothing is open past 7 or 8pm, all the restaurants close at like 5 and then all of the stores close at like 7," she said. "Also, nothing is open on the weekends, like after midnight... Perth was like 'Mmmm, it's late, go to bed, everybody go to bed'. Surprisingly no nightlife really when it comes to Perth, that was strange to me."

'You guys got a lot of racists'

Lo was also surprised to discover a darker side to Australia. "You guys got a lot of racists like America," she griped, adding that she was offended by a particular habit she'd observed. "A lot of Australians thought it'd be funny to compare every racist thing they would say to Mexicans, as if my partner and I would think that was funny because we're American. And I don't because most of my family lives in Mexico now.

"So that wasn't cool. That sucked," she said. "I felt bad for anybody who was a minority living in Australia dealing with that."

Lo Swo with a kangaroo (left) and on Rottnest Island gesturing in front of a lighthouse (right)
Lo spent 10 days in Australia and left with several complaints. Source: Instagram/@wouldyoukindly

Lo did pepper her remarks with compliments about Australia, praising WA's "beautiful" Rottnest Island, the "amazing" public transit system and the fact kangaroos can be found "hanging out" just outside the city.

Will she return to the Lucky Country? "I don't know if I would do it again anytime soon," she said. "But, yeah, Australia you're all right, minus the flies, that was terrible, but you're all right."

Video divides Aussie viewers

The video has racked up over 345,000 views and has divided Aussies. "Don't judge all of Australia by Perth. Perth is nice but everything closes early," one viewer pushed, while another described the city as "basically a small town" that's "20 years behind the rest of Australia".

Others defended the relative quietness of Perth, with one viewer arguing, "not everyone wants a city and city life", while another claimed Perth residents "like to be different than the rest of Australia".

When it came to flies, lots of Aussies agreed they've been particularly bad this year. "They're absolutely doing my head in," someone responded, while others said "at least flies don't bite" like mozzies.

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