Ukraine's national selection finalist for Eurovision releases new video and launches fundraising for military


Ukrainian singer and 2024 Eurovision National Selection finalist INGRET has launched a fundraising campaign for the Third Separate Assault Brigade, whose soldiers helped her create a video for the song KEEPER.

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If the singer wins the National Selection, she will represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song, dedicated to all the women who are waiting for their loved ones from the war.

"Dedicated to women who, with the strength of their light and support, help Ukrainian soldiers endure the hardships of war and defend their country," reads the description of the video, which premiered on YouTube on Jan. 15.

INGRET plans to raise about $130,000 (UAH 5 million) for Ukrainian defenders. The video features footage of the military and military equipment on the battlefield, while the singer herself appears wearing a vyshyvanka, a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt, and a ribbon in her hair.

26-year-old INGRET, whose real name is Ingret Kostenko, is from Vinnytsia. In 2015, the singer took part in the sixth season of the X Factor project, and in 2017 she became a participant in the seventh season of the Voice of the Country project, where she took second place.

INGRET released her debut album "Don't Sleep" under the production center MOZGI Entertainment. She is currently pursuing a solo career.

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