Fuming local calls out 'poo jogger' after smelly surprise found on pathway

Australia is home to a whole host of so-called 'poo joggers' — and now it seems the latest offender has been exposed.

CCTV footage has captured a woman adjusting her tights as she stands less than a metre away from faeces on a pathway in Narellan Vale in Sydney's southwest.
CCTV footage has captured a woman adjusting her tights as she stands less than a metre away from faeces on a pathway in Narellan Vale in Sydney's southwest. Source: Facebook/The Daily Telegraph

It's the puzzling, putrid trend that has Australians everywhere flushed — and now it appears the country's got yet another "poo jogger" on its hands. Most Aussies won't struggle to recall that a few years back, a top Brisbane executive handed in his resignation after being caught not once, not twice, but a total of 30 times defecating in public.

The man, known as Steve, had a preference for private pathways and was angrily branded the "poo jogger" by fed-up residents, who claimed human waste kept appearing in their unit complex for months on end. Since his identity was unveiled, a whole host of people have been caught with their pants down around the country, in a series of similar, smelly incidents.

Who could forget the female poo jogger who did her business on the swanky streets of Paddington in 2019, in Sydney's inner east, much to the dismay of high-profile local at the time Roxy Jacenko.

Steve the original poo jogger in an image with his pants down.
Who could forget Steve the original 'poo jogger', who made international headlines and was accused of doing a number two in public up to 30 times. Source: 7News

Jacenko, who formerly ran the Sweaty Betty publicity firm, claimed the woman in question relieved herself near her office space a total of five times. "What an absolute disgrace you are, doing this in our residential street where we have a primary school and multiple residences," she wrote on Instagram. "What has the world come to."

Now, it appears the city's southwest has become the latest target for poo jogging, with a woman apparently caught in the act on CCTV in Narellan Vale, The Daily Telegraph reported. Posting to social media, one fuming local implored the woman to "please come back and pick up what you left behind".

And in response, Aussies had a lot to say.

Some people argued the woman's droppings on the pathway might be a "health hazard", while others questioned how she "wiped her bum". On the other hand, at least one man said the act "wasn't so bad".

NSW Police are aware of the incident, and the strange trend in general, though it's not known if the woman pictured has been issued any fine or notice. It's also unclear whether these poo joggers have any legitimate medical condition requiring them to immediately empty their bowels.

A lady caught pooping on CCTV the swanky suburb of Paddington in Sydney's inner-east.
A lady was famously caught in the act in the swanky suburb of Paddington in Sydney's inner-east in 2020. Source: Supplied

In Melbourne in 2020, a man was labelled a "dirty b*****d" after he was captured on a security camera defecating in a community garden during an early morning expedition.

The brazen act was captured by cameras installed by Albert Park local Shayne Whiteley, who condemned the "poo jogger" when he uploaded the damning footage to Twitter. "To top my 'crap' morning off, some dirty b*****d poo jogger [poos] on my freshly planted garden," Whiteley said at the time.

He claimed the individual appeared to have not washed his hands after squatting in the community garden next to his home at 6.49am that morning.

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