Mum needs two operations after being bitten by spider while on toilet

A mother of four has told of how she was struck down with illness after she was bitten by a garden spider while she was sitting on the toilet.

Lauren Boddy, 27, was sitting on the toilet when she spotted a red mark on her left leg.

The English mother didn't think much of it then but the next day, she was in agony.

Lauren didn't think anything of the red mark until it became painful the next day. Source: Facebook

"I could barely put any weight on the leg," she told The Sun.

Ms Boddy said it kept getting more red, bigger and "looked like it was full of pus".

“It was really bizarre. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life," she said.

Her first trip to the hospital ended with doctors prescribing her with antibiotics and sending her home but just two days later, she became more sick.

“I was shivering, had a red line running down my thigh and the bite area was oozing pus,” she said.

After another trip back to the hosptial, she was admitted and put on an antibiotic drip.

After discovering the 10cm-deep bite, doctors said they had to operate.

“It was such a big hole that they had to pack it, it couldn’t be stitched. I had to go back every other day to have it seen to," Ms Boddy said.

She was also on antibiotics for a month after the operation.

It wasn't just Ms Boddy that was hospitalised but also her ex-boyfriend Luke - who had been looking after the children during her hospitalisation - who ended up in hospital after being bitten by a spider on his testicles.

Fearing the spider was lurking around, Ms Boddy cleaned her house top to bottom and bleached the children's playhouse.

Ms Boddy said she had to have two operations for two different bites. Source: Facebook

However, a few weeks later, when she lying in bed with one of her sons, she felt a bite on her back and rushed to hospital again.

“This time, surgeons had to take a chunk of skin from my lower back, even removed some of my tattoo. I was gutted,” she said.

“The wound is quite deep, about 7cm. It’s not very nice. I’ve been left with bad scars on my leg and back.”

The spider didn't get away unharmed after the mum spotted it on a dressing up outfit a few weeks later.

She grabbed a glass and trapped the critter.

It's believed the spider was a woodlouse spider. Source: Facebook

“Cruel? I think not. I had a huge plaster on my back, a scar on my thigh. I couldn’t bear to think what’d happen if that thing bit me or one of my kids again," Ms Boddy said.

She looked it up online and said it appeared to be a woodlouse spider.

Ms Boddy said she has been scarred from the incidents.

Ms Boddy said she was scared for her kids. Source: Facebook

"I know it sounds cruel, if I see any spider now I kill them. It horrifies me. I’m worried they’ll come back,” she said.

“Mums need to be very vigilant. People are too laid back.

“I know kids should be able to go out and explore but you need to be vigilant, to see what they’re picking up and what’s around. It’s really scary.”