'I am not a monster': Man who left angry note on ambulance as patient was dying speaks out

The man responsible for an angry note left on an ambulance as a patient was dying has spoken out over his actions claiming he is "not a monster".

Hassan Shabbir, 27, from Birmingham, UK, said his behaviour was "appalling" and that he was "disgusted with himself" after placing the note on the vehicle's windscreen while it blocked his driveway.

The note was left on an ambulance as it treated a patient in a serious condition. Source: Twitter

The shocking note read: "You may be saving lives, but don’t park your van in a stupid place and block my drive."

The ambulance was forced to park in the spot for around an hour and a half as they rushed to the aid of a 42-year-old resident who died following the best efforts of from attending paramedics following serious internal bleeding.

The note was left after nearby resident Hassan Shabbir couldn't reach his driveway. Source: Twitter

But Shabbir has now said the incident was out of character and that the public perception of him is wrong.

"What I did was monstrous, but I am not a monster," he told The Metro.

"I am deeply ashamed at my actions, even before I found out the poor man had died."

Shabbir claims he became irate after waiting 20 minutes behind the ambulance in a bid to get into his home, which led him to pen the angry note.

Just days after the note was left, another British man was filmed hurling abuse at an ambulance in the town of Runcorn, UK.

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