Two women murdered hours after arriving on holiday

One suspect has been arrested in search for killers.

Two women have been murdered just two hours after getting to their holiday destination. Brazilians Ewellyn Hansen, 30, and Jessica Cassandra Pereira da Silva, 19, had only just arrived at their hotel before they were both shot in the head.

Police speculated that the women, from Cabo de Santo Agostinho, were lured into an ambush at the lodging in Alagoas on September 16, and were killed in a premeditated manner.

Murdered Brazilian women Jessica Cassandra Pereira da Silva and Ewellyn Hansen
Mystery surrounds the murders of the two young women. Source: Jam Press

Within the hotel room where the bodies were discovered, investigators also found several beer cans and cannabis, as well as bloody footprints. "What we know is that they entered in the morning and one of them already knew one of the suspects," said Talita Aquino, a delegate from the Department of Homicide and Protection of the Individual.

"Shortly after arriving, they fired shots. The entire criminal incident occurred inside the room and they left the scene calmly."

Three suspects were originally identified, fleeing the scene in a car with cloned license plates. The vehicle was later found abandoned near the hotel.

On September 20, one of the suspects was arrested despite telling police he was innocent. The man, whose name has not been released, claims he witnessed the shooting, stating that the shots were fired for no obvious reason.

Police are still searching for the suspect who allegedly carried out the shooting.

Brazil has one of the highest homicide rates in the world, with over 62,000 murders occurring in the country each year. A major hub for the illegal drug trade, the nation is also home to seven of the 20 most violent cities in the world.


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