Tsunami hits Indonesia: report

There are reports this morning that a three-metre tsunami has hit an Indonesian resort.

Surf Aid International has told Channel Seven's Sunrise that the tsunami wave trashed Macaronis Surf Resort, on The Mentawai Islands off the coast of West Sumatra.

It reportedly caused two surf charter boats to collide, with one catching on fire.

Australian Rick Hallett has told Sunrise how he and others jumped for their lives as a tsunami wave hit his charter boat.

He said a three-metre wall of water rolled into the bay, picking up a boat and slamming it into his.

"We had an instant fireball engulf the back deck," he said.

The nine Australians, one American and four Indonesian crew on board threw anything that floated into the water and abandoned ship.

Mr Hallett said several people were carried 200 metres inland, but amazingly no one was lost.

Nine reported the group climbed up into trees and held on for about 90 minutes.

It is understood no one was injured.

A tsunami warning was issued after the seven point five earthquake struck, but was later cancelled.

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