Aussie mum stunned by 'crazy' neighbours' 'dangerous' backyard move

The Melbourne mum was in disbelief at the actions of her neighbours which she caught sight of through her kitchen window.

Aussie mum VonnieM making dinner (left) and her shocked when she spots the backyard fire outside her Melbourne home (right).
Aussie mum VonnieM spotted a backyard fire outside her Melbourne home while making dinner on Sunday night. Source: TikTok

Fierce flames burning outside a family home this weekend sparked disbelief in a "quiet neighbourhood" after neighbours decided they didn't want their couch anymore — and burned it.

Aussie mum VonnieM* was in her Melbourne home making lasagne on Sunday evening when she spotted 10-foot tall flames burning extremely close to her home and a large tree nearby, casting a bright glow outside her windows.

"We saw big flames just on the other side of our fence. [It was] very strange because they were so tall," she told Yahoo News. "My husband and I were concerned because it was close to the fence line and near a big tree... I think that's a little bit dangerous."

She later learned the intense fire, which continued for the best part of 20 minutes, was started by her neighbours who simply decided to set their unwanted couch alight. The neighbours in question were standing beside the flames "keeping an eye on it", VonnieM said, and even answered questions when the mum asked what they were doing.

"This doesn’t normally happen, that's why it was such a shock... I have the craziest neighbours," she said.

Permission to start backyard fires differs between council areas and states but in the northeast of Melbourne where this particular incident occurred, burning furniture in this way is illegal.

"In accordance with Council’s Local Law, we can issue permits to residents that allow them to burn off green waste, such as grass, tree branches and untreated wood," a Banyule City council spokesperson explained to Yahoo News. However, burning other items or burning green waste without a permit can result in a $400 fine. The council confirmed it is investigating the matter.

*The woman requested Yahoo News refer to her as VonnieM.

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