'HE'S MY HERO': Truth behind 'legendary' protester's viral sign

A man's handmade sign has caused a whirlwind on social media, and while it has sparked outrage for many, there is more to it than meets the eye.

The counter-protester in Toronto has been hailed a hero online for his “hilarious” yet subtle way of mocking anti-vaxxers.

The man in a bright orange shirt inconspicuously stood in a crowd of protesters outside Toronto General Hospital as they rallied against a vaccine mandate.

His sign read: “I demanding my right to be ignorant and selfish”, with the other side reading “I know more than the scietists [sic].”

A counter-protestor stands with a satirical sign mocking of anti-vaxxers at rally against n Toronto against mandatory Covid jabs. Source: Twitter
A counter-protester has become a viral sensation over his satirical mocking of anti-vaxxers at rally against n Toronto. Source: Twitter

Social media stir as spelling overshadows satire

However his subtle satire was missed by more than just those at the demonstration.

A picture posted to Twitter by a reporter covering the rally was inundated with comments slamming his spelling instead of his wit.

Health workers look at an anti-vaccine mandate protest outside Toronto General Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada September 13, 2021.  REUTERS/Chris Helgren
Protest organisers said they wanted to take a stand against what they called "tyrannical measures and government overreach." Source: Reuters

“Please note how he spells "scientists" obviously spelling was never their strong suit,” posted one Twitter user.

Another said: “Virology is hard, English is harder.”

Stunt goes viral after joke explainer

But the man’s brother-in-law soon set the record straight, posting: “he is most definitely mocking the antivaxxers. He's a movie-set carpenter and he gets COVID tested every weekday.”

His sister added: “and he's fully vaxxed!”

Suddenly, his stunt had eared him hundreds of fans.

“Your brother in law is hilarious,” commented one Twitter user.

Many hailed him a hero: “Please tell him he's my hero of the day!” commented one person while another said: “He's the hero we need right now. Brave guy.”

One person described him as a “brave & wonderful man.”

“You have an amazing brother-in-law. We thank him,” another posted.

The praise kept flooding in in: “Quality satire” and “absolute legend” others commented, with one Twitter user asking: “Is he single?”

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