Travel season: Exact day to book the cheapest flights

Here are some top tips to save when you book your next holiday.

A composite image of travellers lining up in an airport and Australian money.
Aussie travellers could save by booking flights on particular days. (Source: Getty / AAP)

Aussies are gearing up for the summer holidays, which means many will be searching for good flight deals for their next travel destination.

But did you know you could snag the best deals by booking your flights on a certain day? Or that you could save even more if your flight departed on a specific day?

Here are the best travel-saving hacks for your next trip, according to research by Expedia.

The best day to book your flights

Travellers who book on Sundays instead of Fridays tend to save, on average, around 20 per cent on domestic flights and 18 per cent on international flights, Expedia found.

Aussies should also aim to book domestic flights at least 14 weeks before travel and international flights at least a month before travel.

Travellers who booked their domestic flights at least 14 weeks prior to departure also saved 20 per cent, on average, compared to those who waited until the last minute.

International airfares tend to be rather stable during the six-month period prior to travel but, for optimal availability, selection and savings, it’s best to book at least a month out.

The cheapest day (and time) to depart

Departing on a Friday could save Aussies up to 23 per cent, Expedia found. It’s also best to avoid departing on Sundays, which are the priciest days, on average, to start a trip.

To save yourself some pain, travellers should aim to depart after 3:00pm to reduce the chance of a cancellation.

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