Tradie's shocking injury at rowdy work party: 'Worst hangover'

Daniel, 31, had a Christmas to remember after his work party didn't quite go to plan.

In what can only be described as the "worst hangover" ever, 31-year-old Daniel found himself lying on his side in a hospital bed on Christmas Day.

Why you may ask? Because his mate shot a five centimetre nail into his bum during a work party for the festive season.

After the rowdy work gathering led to a late-night kick on, the young carpenter and his fellow tradies found themselves playing with a few nail guns at a home on the NSW Central Coast.

Left, Daniel can be seen gesturing the 'shaka' while exposing the wound on his bum. Right, Daniel shows his wound in hospital after surgeons removed a nail from his bum.
A big night with workmates ended with Daniel having a nail in his bum days before Christmas. Source: Supplied

"We started using them to shoot off the lids from our beer bottles," Daniel told Yahoo News Australia. "But the one I was using, it wasn't firing properly."

With nails "flying around the backyard everywhere", the homeowner became frustrated and jokingly pointed the gun at Daniel. But the joke somewhat backfired.

"He pushed it against my... bottom. And then it actually went off," the tradie recalled.

Left, X-ray shows the nail lodged inside his bum. Right, the nail is inside a clear tube after successfully removed.
The 5cm nail had lodged into the flesh of Daniel's bum, with day surgery required to remove it. Source: Supplied

A Christmas Eve to remember

After a heavy "day on the soup", Daniel admitted he didn't feel a thing, or at worse the nail felt like the prick of a needle. He rolled into bed in the early hours of that morning and spent the following day nursing his hangover and watching movies all day.

However with the puncture wound and "pain" reminding him of the previous night's antics, his family soon convinced him to seek medical attention and he begrudgingly presented himself to hospital on Christmas Eve.

Daniel pictured with a nail gun.
Daniel with his weapon of choice. Source: Supplied

One X-ray later and it was confirmed — Daniel had a nail lodged in his backside. Despite it being "quite a distance way from the entry wound", the nail thankfully missed his bone and was instead stuck inside his flesh.

Despite "cursing his [mate's] name", he looks back at the incident with laughter, believing it's "up there" in terms of ranking his favourite Christmas memories, with the hospital staff equally amused.

"You could see from underneath the nurses' masks that they had smiles from ear to ear wondering how it happened," he said. After retelling the story time and time again, he decided to share it publicly this week to spread the joy – because some gifts just keep giving.

"It's my 'sit around the campfire' story now," he joked.

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