Tradie warns swimmers after 'monster' find in Aussie lake

Swimmer have been put on notice after a fisherman reeled in this deadly catch.

Queensland swimmers have been issued a deadly warning after a fisherman reeled in the catch of a lifetime.

Jake Posa says he knew they were out there but was staggered to find a 2.8 metre bull shark at the end of his line while fishing in Lake Orr on the Gold Coast, 9 News reports.

But while he and his mate had gone out looking for one in a tinnie, they failed to have a plan for how to bring it in.

“Getting towed around by a monster that big is just scary, like [it was the] same size as the boat,” he told the media outlet.

A man holding the tail of the 2.8 metre bull shark from Lake Orr on the Gold Coast
It took six fisherman to reel in the 2.8 metre bull shark from Lake Orr on the Gold Coast. Source: Nine News

Two hour battle to pull in shark

After hooking the shark in the middle of the lake, the pair waged a two-hour battle to make it to dry land before a bunch of other fishermen joined in the fight.

“Lucky they were there 'cause they gave us a hand to pull her up and get the hook out,” Jake said, adding that he’d hooked a couple of bull sharks before but “wasn’t letting this one get away”.

After a few photos with their catch, the men released her back into the lake before taking to Facebook to send a stern warning to locals who swim there.

Man stranded on island after WA shark attack

Meanwhile a fisherman was left stranded on an island off Western Australia’s Pilbara coast after being attacked by a three-metre shark.

Adam Norton was wading through the shallows on the remote Montebello Islands archipelago when he was struck, 9 News reports.

“I hopped in the water to walk to shore, that’s when it bit me,” he told the media outlet. “I started to run to shore and that probably stirred it up again and that’s when it bit me again.”

The 3 metre shark in the shallows (left) and Adam Norton's bandaged foot (right).
Adam Norton was bitten twice on the foot and forced to spend hours on an island before help could reach him. Source: Nine News

Adam was left on the sand for hours while the shark, believed to be a lemon shark, circled his boat. Finally, help arrived at about midnight and the 32-year-old was flown to Karratha Health Campus, more than 100km away.

By the time he arrived, seven hours had passed since he was attacked and he underwent emergency surgery.

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