Fisherman reels in massive shark at Aussie tourist hotspot

An Aussie fisherman has pulled in the catch of the year in Sydney Harbour in front of a stunned crowd.

An Aussie fisherman has shocked onlookers by reeling in a massive bull shark in Sydney Harbour.

In a video posted to TikTok, Jordan can be seen struggling to pull in his catch directly opposite the Sydney Opera House.

As he stands on the banks of the Royal Botanic Gardens with both hands on the rod, a stunned crowd gathers around him, cameras at the ready.

Finally his catch appears in view, as the cameraman, known on TikTok as Sarks Total Fishing, pans down to the water.

Jordan standing on the banks of Sydney Harbour trying to reel in the shark (left) and Jordan on the rocks below trying to bull the hook from the shark's mouth (right).
In the wild footage, Jordan can be seen battling to reel the shark in before jumping down onto the rocks to remove the hook out of its mouth. Source: TikTok/Sarks Total Fishing

In the shallows is the fin of a bull shark, one of Australia’s most dangerous species, which can later be seen thrashing around on the rocks.

While the Sydneysider struggles to hold on to his fishing rod, the cameraman films himself helping him to pull the line in with his hands.

In the next shot, Jordan has climbed down onto the rocks where the shark lies. There he tries to use a tool to free the hook from its mouth. After a few failed attempts, he uses his hands to yank it out.

“Come on buddy,” someone can be heard saying before the barb pulls free.

As the cameraman pulls the line up, the shark can be seen flopping about on the rocks until Jordan leans in to give its tail a push.

Fisherman had never fished in Sydney Harbour

It has since been revealed that Jordan baited the shark before reeling in his big catch by paddling into the middle of Sydney Harbour in a kayak to drop a whole frozen mullet in.

“It took me five to 10 minutes to bring the bull shark in once it took the bait and one minute to release the shark after the hook was taken out, then it swam off strong,” Jordan told the Daily Mail.

While he’d never fished in Sydney Harbour before, he added that he decided to after seeing others catch sharks of their own.

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