Aussie fisherman's shock at shark frenzy: 'Never seen anything like it'

The men said they'd occasionally see one or two bull sharks around, but had never been swarmed by them before.

A Queensland fisherman found himself in the middle of a shark-feeding frenzy as he and a friend watched from the tiny tinny they were in.

Ewan Johns, also known as Tiger on social media, said he's "never seen anything like it" as he filmed the shiver of sharks swarming their boat and chomping on fish.

The pair were near Jacob's Well between Brisbane and the Gold Coast and the sharks had been following their crabbing boat for some time, Tiger said in a video shared on Facebook, 9News reported

Bull sharks appear at the surface of the water as two fisherman bait the water
The pair were surrounded by hungry bull sharks. Source: Tigers Fishing Tips

The popular fisherman, who runs the Tigers Fishing Tips Facebook group was seemingly shocked by the number of bull sharks present, admitting "you'll get your random one out by your boat when you're in the ocean, but not up in the channel like that".

The area's popularity as a crabbing region was the reason for the shark frenzy he said, and explained there are "crab pots everywhere" in the area and "the smell would be going all up and down the bay on the currents", attracting sharks.

'Massive' sharks lash against tiny fishing boat

The incredible footage shows the two men throwing fish into the water as the "massive" sharks whip their bodies back and forth. The three-metre deep water appears murky and the sharks are barely visible — that's until one lunges out of the water to snatch a feed.

"They're big bull sharks," Tiger says in the video.

Just before spotting the lingering sharks, the fisherman was reportedly dipping his hand into the water, washing mud off his esky and filling up his bottle.

Two bull sharks swim along the surface of the water with a large fin visible above the surface.
In the space of the short video, several bull sharks can be seen rushing to the surface for scraps of fish. Source: Tigers Fishing Tips

"The bubbling noise going out from the bottle filling up would have been enough to provoke a bite," he said. "And once they've got hold of you, they'll pull you into the water and then they're done."

The fisherman said he's "still getting shivers" at the thought of being in a tinny, which could have tipped at any moment. He also said the area is popular for swimmers with houseboats.

"It's a disaster waiting to happen," he said.

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