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Sharks surround couples' fishing boat in stunning footage: 'Never seen anything like it'

A group of friends was deep-sea fishing when they suddenly found themselves in a scary situation: A massive school of sharks not only appeared in the water beneath them but also quickly swam toward their boat, surrounding it on all sides.

The TikTok was shared by Kaitlyn Dix (@kaitlyndix), a Jacksonville, Florida, woman who frequently shares videos of her fishing trips and even runs an Etsy shop selling handmade shark-tooth jewelry. That may be why Dix was more stunned than terrified, writing in her post caption that she’d “never seen anything like it.”

But according to CBS News, the video was actually filmed by her boyfriend, Dillon May, who was equally amazed by what he saw.

The couple was reportedly fishing about 15 miles off the coast of Venice, Louisiana, in search of yellowfin tuna. But when the water around them started moving rapidly, they realized they might be in the presence of more than just a school of tuna.

Apparently, it was a group of hungry sharks in a feeding frenzy. And though they didn’t pose a threat to the fishermen, all the water they were splashing around seemed to have made its way on board. At one point during the video, you can hear a voice say, “It’s soaking wet!”

As the video continues to go viral, it’s received a wide range of responses in the comments section.

Some people couldn’t help but make jokes about the wild scene.

“When you change your status to ‘single,'” one person wrote.

“when just 1 girl shows up at the party,” another person joked.

“Dam. Can y’all take my ex wife fishing,” asked someone else.

But most commenters simply couldn’t hide their shock over the video, with many saying they would be absolutely “terrified” if they had been in that boat themselves.

“This would give me so much anxiety that I wouldn’t trust myself not to fall over so I’d have to lay down unfortunately,” one person wrote.

“I’m scared just watching this,” admitted someone else.

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