Tourist shares awkward reality of 'picture perfect' Bali hotels

Holidaymakers heading to Bali might expect dreamy ocean views and picturesque luxury resorts, and while that can be true, it's not always the case as one disappointed tourist has proved.

The Dutch woman visiting the popular Indonesian hotspot was shocked to discover the view from her Canguu accommodation, south of the island, was not quite as it seemed and it was very much a case of expectation versus reality.

In a video shared on TikTok, Luna de Fauw offered a glimpse of the Kos One Hostel where rooms cost about $40 a night for quad-share. Photos on Instagram show perfectly captured images showcasing the best of its facilities, including a luxury pool and pool bar.

The Dutch tourist was staying at a hostel in Canguu, Bali but was shocked by its surroundings. Source:TikTok/luna_maryse
The Dutch tourist was staying at a hostel in Canguu, Bali but was shocked by its surroundings. Source:TikTok/luna_maryse

In the video, which has now amassed over 1.6 million views, rows of pool chairs line the aqua-blue pool which is surrounded by greenery. But as the woman pans around to capture other angles from her elevated vantage point, reality quickly sinks in.

According to its website, Kos One Hostel has "fantastic natural views of vibrant, green rice fields" and the Indian Ocean, but the video shows a questionable contrast. Muddy vacant land surrounds the hostel and seemingly deserted construction sites — a far cry from the dreamy Bali landscape expectations.

Bali accommodation leaves much to be desired

"Bali Insta vs real life," the traveller wrote on the video. But many weren't surprised.

"It’s all about the angle," one user pointed out in a comment on the video. "You must be new," laughed another.

One claimed "Bali the most overrated place I’ve ever been" but not everyone agreed.

"Bali is wonderful," one said, and another agreed it was "a vibe".

It's not the first time Bali accommodation left tourists underwhelmed. One couple booked an Airbnb in the east Balinese village of Sidemen, but instead of the luxurious villa they thought they had booked for a last-minute trip, they were greeted by an abandoned building.

The same happened for Aussie man Ric Attard, from the Gold Coast, who had booked four nights at the PNB Beach Resort in the village of Canggu, but ended up looking for alternative accommodation after discovering his relaxing retreat was undergoing a major renovation.

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