Bali tourist's 'disgusting' find on popular beach: 'Is this normal?'

A tourist visiting Bali was shocked to discover the sandy beaches of Kuta littered with rubbish and debris, sparking questions about the usual state of the holiday hotspot.

Posting on Facebook, the traveller said he'd just arrived in the area south of the island but the state of the beaches left him stunned.

"Is this normal for the beach or have they had some bad weather event," he asked.

Photos show the popular beach covered with rubbish including plastic cups and packaging. A handful of people can be seen in the distance on the otherwise deserted stretch of sand.

Rubbish on Kuta beach Bali
The tourist was shocked by all the rubbish on Kuta beach in Bali. Source: Facebook

The post attracted quite a response from others who shared their thoughts on the matter. One called humans "disgusting".

The images stunned some who said they'd not long before left the same area and said it "wasn't like that" when they visited.

Others shared photos of other beaches around Bali, including Nusa Dua, which has also been impacted.

Rubbish is 'normal' in Bali at this time of year

Although shocking to some, others pointed out that rubbish on beaches is "normal this time of year" referring to the wet season, which is usually between November and March.

"Early wet season. Wind direction changes to an onshore pattern bringing rubbish from Java. Heavy rains pushes rubbish out of rivers into oceans," one person said.

Rubbish on beach Bali
Other tourists said the debris is normal for this time of year. Source: Facebook

"Hectic flooding in local area and drainage has always struggled to cope in the wet seasons leaving it to end up on the beach," explained another.

While most people were not alarmed, some pointed out there's been more rain than usual lately. This has resulted in more rubbish getting washed out to sea. It's understood the locals clean it up each day but by morning the debris is back.

"There are beach patrols in Bali that often clean up the rubbish each morning before most people head down," someone said.

"There’s been some pretty wild weather in the past few days so it is very likely that has made it worse."

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