Toddler suffers burns after playing with 'toxic' Kmart toy in bath

Jesse's two daughters were playing in the bath when she heard an 'awful scream'.

A Queensland mum is calling for more transparency from Kmart after her two young daughters suffered "first-degree chemical burns" while playing with a toy during bath time.

Jesse placed both her 18-month-old and six-year-old children in the bath while they played with the popular sensory shaker toy before it leaked in their hands and she heard an "awful scream".

"It's a scream I've never heard her scream before. She was in pain," the mum told the Today show.

Jesse's 18-month-old daughter can be seen in a nappy and looking distressed after the Kmart toy leaked and burnt her skin.
Jesse's children suffered 'first degree chemical burns' after the Kmart toy they were playing with leaked into the bath. Source: 9News Today

The family rushed to hospital where doctors confirmed the girls had suffered burns, however, there was no indication from the Kmart website or toy description on what it contained, forcing the hospital to conduct tests to identify the chemicals inside.

"They came back and said, 'it has a sort of phosphate acid in it,'" Jesse said.

"You wouldn't believe they'd put something so toxic as part of the ingredients in a kid's toy," Today host Sarah Abo said.

Mum demands more of Kmart

Jesse had urged Kmart to take the product off the shelves and perform further tests to determine if they are safe for children to use, or at the very least be more transparent with the ingredients.

"[Having] at least an ingredient list listed [would be good]. That way if a kid was to swallow it [then] it's as simple as looking up online the ingredient list which is not there at the moment," Jesse said.

"Luckily my daughter didn't drink it. I'd hate to think what would have happened if she did."

Kmart plans to investigate 'toxic' sensory toy

Kmart confirmed it has been made aware of this incident and shared it is the first of its kind regarding these toys, which were first released in stores July, 2022.

Five Kmart 'sensory shaker' toys are bright and full of glitter.
The Kmart 'sensory shaker' toy is designed to be flipped for children to enjoy the glitter and liquid sliding from one end to the other. Source: Kmart

"We are really concerned to hear about this incident," a Kmart spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

"[We are] taking this report extremely seriously and are looking into this customer’s experience with our quality team."

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