Aussie woman's warning after horrifying find in nephew's gums

While holding her nephew, she spotted something unusual stuck near his teeth.

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An Australian woman has been praised for potentially saving her nephew's life after spotting something unusual in his mouth while holding him over the weekend.

After initially believing it was a "gumball", she called over the child's mum to investigate the mysterious lump further.

"My sister felt it and realised it was rubber so she pulled at it, and this piece of the toy had broken off somehow and it suctioned to his top gums," she wrote.

Left, the child's mouth can be seen open with a pink piece of rubber stuck to his gums. Right, a similar picture but the choking hazard is more difficult to see inside the boy's mouth.
The chance discovery has left the Australian woman urging other caregivers to be mindful of the potential choking hazard. Source: Tiny Hearts Education

Urgent warning to parents against popular toy

The rubber found inside the child's mouth was from a "pop-it fidget toy".

Users of the toy are able to pop the concave pieces inside out much like bubble wrap, with their interactive nature gaining popularity with children and parents alike, as the entertaining toy can be argued to develop early motor skills.

Left, the pop-it fidget toy, which is shaped as a multi-coloured butterfly, has two missing on the top right corner. Right, the missing rubber piece is placed on the palm of a hand.
After the incident, the piece of rubber can be seen missing from the pop-it fidget toy. Source: Tiny Hearts Education

However, after the discovery the family are warning fellow parents and caregivers to be mindful in an announcement posted through an education organisation.

"We’re lucky it ended this way and not in him choking," she said. "We just wanted to inform others that these toys can have faulty parts as this piece must have broken off and fallen on the floor for the baby to have got to it."

After the rubber was removed from the child's mouth, his aunt confirmed he was "fine" and the "swelling immediately went down". She suggested that all similar toys lying around other homes should be checked to ensure they are "good quality" before they are used.

"I know these toys are very popular nowadays, so sharing this story to raise awareness. This could have easily been swallowed and become a choking hazard."

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