'You ok?': Today's major Photoshop fail roasted

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

We all know the corporate promo shot is fertile ground for awkward photographs, but a bizarre snap of the Today show hosts has well and truly taken the cake for worst editing job of the year.

A promotional picture of Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic, one of many images of the pair distributed by Nine, has turned heads today after eagle-eyed onlookers spotted a glaringly obvious Photoshop fail.

Let’s just say, the photo was sent out incomplete.

Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon have fallen victim to the overzealous photoshop wand in a promo shot released by Channel Nine. Photo: Nine

It seems Allison’s right arm was missing in action during the photoshoot, or someone has taken to the picture with a hackneyed Photoshop job that leaves much to be desired – her arm, for starters.

The photo of the pair has the host’s right arms mysteriously missing from her empty shirt sleeve, though her hand makes a cameo from the wait down, sliding into her pocket.

Co-host Karl Stefanovic didn’t escape the cruel touch of the over-zealous editing wand either.

It seems the Nine journalist was cut off from his body at some point, and somewhat shabbily reconnected.

Karl and Ally lose a limb and a bit of ear in the Photoshop job. Photo: Nine

A close glance at the picture shows a very pale head setting off a deeply bronzed neck, and though you may argue the colour mismatch is simply down to a post-coronavirus face mask tan situation, his extremities would disagree.

The host is also missing finer details like the tips of his ears, which have been cut clean off in one smooth slice around the cranium, suggesting a disembodied experience somewhere between photoshoot and public release that has left a very obvious mark.

Shared to Twitter by The Kyle and Jackie O Show, a close up of the missing arm prompted a response from Ally herself, who was more than happy to get in on the joke.

“You good @AllisonLangdon?” the cheeky snap was captioned.

“It’s been a tough week!!” the host responded.

It’s not Karl’s first shocking appearance this year.

The new dad raised eyebrows earlier this month when he cropped up on Aussie comedy Instagram account Brown Cardigan for a live-streamed chat.

It was the host’s first public appearance after welcoming his "beautiful baby girl" Harper May in early may at the North Shore Private Hospital with wife Jasmine Yarborough.

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