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TikToker calls out 'weird' Australian kitchen habit

The French woman can't believe people do this in a country like Australia.

A small detail in the way Aussie's clean their dishes has one French woman confused and searching for answers.

Taking to social media, the 37-year-old woman remarked how "weird" she finds the common habit of leaving soap suds on hand-washed dishes, claiming she's only witnessed this in Australia.

Picture left is a frypan with soap suds on it, and, right, soapy wine lasses. Source: Supplied
The woman couldn't believe how some Aussies casually leave the soap suds on their dishes. Source: Supplied

After noticing it for the first time in November 2020, she concluded it must have simply been a habit exclusive to the individual who did it. However, she witnessed it again a few weeks ago and began to realise it was common.

"It was the sister of my boyfriend, and I didn't want to tell her because I didn't want to be rude, but then I saw my boyfriend do it too!" she told Yahoo News Australia.

As she was completely shocked to learn that many people seem to do this, she videoed the evidence and posted her revelation onto TikTok.

In the video, she is seen pointing to soap suds on recently washed wine glasses.

"People in Australia who wash their dishes and leave this stuff here, as if it were clean and normal," she can be heard saying.

"Is it in school or where do you learn this?" she asked half jokingly.

She continues by questioning her partner if he is being serious off camera after he places a recently washed wok on the counter to dry, despite it being covered in soap suds.

Internet divided by soap suds left on dishes

It appears the video was the first time that many Aussies stopped to consider their own dish washing habit, with the correct answer being less than transparent in the divided comment section.

Some social media users said that living in drought susceptible areas left residents with limited water supply and a quick dunk under soapy water was sufficient enough cleaning for their dishes.

"When a lot of Australia is usually in drought we don't waste water to rinse some suds," one explained.

"When growing up we had drought and single sinks... I remember drying them with a tea towel with suds on," another said.

However, others sided with the TikToker, deeming the dishes aren't properly clean with soap suds present.

"I’m Australian and I rinse my dishes. Who wants there drinks tasting like dish soap!" one comment said.

After speaking to other people in her life who are not Australian, it seems the only thing everyone can agree on is that this habit an Australian thing.

"Look at the comment section, half of Australia do this!" she said.

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