Have we been parking wrong? TikToker's 'hack' goes viral

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A TikToker has shared a "simple" parking hack, which some loved, but others hated.

The video was shared by @bigbruva_77 and has already been viewed over four million times since it was uploaded just days ago.

"What if I told you, we've been parking and parking spots wrong the whole time," he says in the TikTok video.

He takes a video of the parking lot he's in — all the cars aren't parked in the middle of the middle of the spaces, but rather on the line on the lefthand side.

By doing this, each case has ample space on both sides of their car.

A TikToker has shared a life hack, saying we have been parking wrong
A TikToker has shared a life hack, saying we have been parking wrong "the whole time". Source: TikTok/@bigbruva_77

"Look how they park and park on the line to see how evenly spaced they are, imagine that everybody at Walmart parked on the line," he said.

"It would lessen the amount of dings and give you space to get in and out of your car."

Opinions divided on whether move a good idea

People in the comments were divided on whether or not parking on the line was a good idea.

One person said they were "mind blown" by the hack, another said it was a "genius" solution, while others argued against it.

"That's assuming everyone is capable of accurately getting on the line," someone else said.

Others said there would be no need to change how we park if everybody just parked in the middle in the first place.

"If everybody just parked in the middle of the bay it would just create the same space between each car as it does parking on the line," someone said.

In a follow-up video, @bigbruva_77 recognised it is not a "feasible" solution, but pushed back on the idea of it being the same as parking in the middle.

"I know it ain't a feasible thing, because people can't park, and no is not the same as parking in the middle, because you when you're trying to park in the middle you keep guessing, to be even," he said.

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