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'Out of touch': Woman's disturbing find inside neighbour's Porsche

A TikToker living in London has come across something disturbing growing in her neighbour’s flashy car.

On June 18, Eliza, or @elizainlondon, shared a video to TikTok, explaining a car parked in her neighbourhood had mould growing on the inside.

"I live in a pretty nice area in London, and I'm very fortunate to do so, but it's just insane how out of touch some of my neighbours are," she said in the video while walking down the street in the rain.

She then shows off the exterior of the black Porsche soft-top sitting on the street, adding she didn't know what the make or model is.

TikTok video stills show mould growing on a Porsche in London.
Mould was spotted growing inside a Porsche parked in the streets of London. Source: TikTok/elizainlondon

"I'm walking by, there is f***ing mould in it, like, the car is moulding, do you see that?" she asks, showing the inside of the car, where mould is seen on the car door, handbrake and gear stick.

"I literally get stressed out if I have mould on my lemons, let alone £100,000 (A$183,163) car."

In the comments, Eliza added there were also cobwebs on the car.

People offered theories as to why the car was growing mould, with several people thinking something sinister happened to the owner.

"We had this happen to a car belonging to my father-in-law after he died. This isn't a rich people thing, this is a someone died thing," someone said in the comments.

Another person suggested the owner may be recovering from an injury, or they "fell on hard times" and can't afford the insurance.

Others suggested the owner may be in quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic or they could be stuck somewhere overseas.

As for how the mould came to be, some people suggested it could be due to the soft-top roof on the car and the rain.

"Happens with convertibles that have been left for a month or two, it's because it's not airtight and there's moisture getting in," someone said.

The video has more than 240,000 views and almost 30,000 likes.

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