TikTok trend explained: 'Who got you smilin' like that'

Sometimes, you just need a reason to smile.

If things are seeming a little dark online right now, have a look at the latest TikTok trend that's aimed at lifting people's spirits.

Users are simply showing what makes them smile, and spoiler alert: it involves a lot of dogs.

The Smile trend is giving TikTok users the warm and fuzzies.  Source: TikTok
The Smile trend is giving TikTok users the warm and fuzzies. Source: TikTok

What is the actual trend on TikTok?

As far as TikTok trends go, this one is pretty simple — it involves people saying what makes them smile!

By using a soundbite from user @zeddywill, combined with the catchy tune Loverboy (Kill the Lights) by A-Wall, TikTokers are simply showing clips of what makes them feel happy.

Generally, users will start the clip by showing them looking at the camera writing "Yo bro, what got you smilin' like that?" before cutting to what makes them smile.

As one user declared, it's "the most wholesome trend TikTok has seen."

Where does the trend come from?

The sound used in the trend is a combination of the song Loverboy (Kill the Lights) by A-Wall and a soundbite from a now-viral TikTok by the user @zeddywill.

The viral clip is a compilation of videos showing the TikToker walking up to a friend who is smiling at his phone saying: "Bro, what got you smilin' like that?"

The tone of the user and the coy smile and reaction of his friend indicates he's talking to a crush.

User @dan_is_nice later made a TikTok using parts of @zeddywill's clip along with the feel-good tune, Loverboy spliced with some euphoric dancing in between, to capture what makes him "smile".

The original clip has over three million likes, with the musical version edging towards 900,000.

Biggest videos of the trends so far

With over 866,000 videos using the sound so far, there's no shortage of people jumping on the trend.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular videos involve people's pets, mainly dogs!

Others show feel-good moments or even well-known viral clips that make people happy.

Why is it so popular on TikTok?

It's an opportunity for people to share what's making them smile right now.

And honestly, who doesn't need some warm fuzzies on their feed!

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