TikTok trend explained: She Knows

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Although "She Knows" by J. Cole was released in 2013, it's seen a spike in popularity due to a recent TikTok trend.

The popular trend has seen TikTok users share hundreds of thousands of videos where they comment on how the person they are keeping a secret from already knows the truth.

What is the trend?

The "She Knows" trend uses the song "She Knows" by J. Cole to play out scenarios where both parties know what the other is saying is a lie or suspect something isn't right.

Often, the situation involves a woman having an inkling her partner is cheating before finding out her suspicions are unfortunately true, or lies children tell their parents (or vice versa).

The clips start at the end of verse one of the song, with the user describing the scenario as the lyrics: "She down for whatever. In the back of his mind is Coretta" play in the background.

The 'She Knows' trend has users detailing times in their life a lie was told with both parties knowing what they were saying wasn't true. Source: TikTok
The 'She Knows' trend has users detailing times in their life a lie was told with both parties knowing what they were saying wasn't true. Source: TikTok

The user then reveals what happened, or what they or someone else "knew all along" as the chorus plays in the background with the lyrics: "And she knows, she knows, And I know she knows."

One viral clip starts with a woman playing her mum asking how school was when she was in fifth grade and and ends with the realisation that her mum knew that she got in trouble that day.

What does the trend mean?

There are variations to how people use the music, with some users recreating times they were lied to and knew and others sharing situations they've been in where they have stretched the truth and the person they've told it to didn't buy it.

Some people also use it to reveal a time someone tried to "sabotage" them, but they realised what the other person was doing.

Where you can find the trend

There are over 153 thousand videos so far that have used the sound in their TikTok videos, with the number steadily climbing.

The biggest videos of the trend so far

Many of the most liked videos on the platform detail people finding out their partner was cheating on them.

One of the first videos to use the music was about actor Chadwick Boseman who tragically passed away in 2020 after battling colon cancer.

The clip shows the actor in Black Panther saying "as you can see, I am not dead," before flashing through a series of clips of the actor in the film, although some people pointed out it could be seen as disrespectful to the actor and his loved ones. The poster eventually turned the comments off on the video.

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