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TikTok trend explained: The Nosebleed Section

TikTok trends often reach far and wide, spreading all around the world — so it's nice when one comes along that seems to take off a bit closer to home.

Introducing The Nosebleed Section: a trend that will make you reminisce about the days gone by of primary school snacks, school trips to Canberra and schoolyard games like four square.

Screenshots of people's TikTok videos. Source: TikTok/ W1tey1
The trend plays heavily on people's nostalgia.Source: TikTok/ W1tey1

What is the actual trend?

In the TikTok trend, people go through and list the items or trends that many Australians would have grown up with.

The videos include a compilation of photos of items like Razor scooters, Etnies shoes, Zooper Dooper ice blocks and other popular items.

The videos usually kick off from the start of the song using the opening lyrics to the song The Nosebleed Section by Aussie hip hop band The Hilltop Hoods: "For my people in the front, in the nosebleed section."

Sometimes users will prefix it with a statement like "POV you grew up in Aus" or "POV you went to a public high school in Australia" before listing those long-lost memories of days gone by through a series of photos.

Where does the trend come from?

The trend involves the song The Nosebleed Section by Aussie hip hop band The Hilltop Hoods.

The song itself speaks more or less about living humbly — traditionally, buying tickets to an event in "the nosebleed section" means they are the worst seats in the house.

The TikTok older videos started from the end of July, so it's a recent trend that's picking up speed with just under 4000 videos using the sound at the time of publishing.

The biggest videos of the trend so far

Why is it so popular on TikTok?

The trend plays heavily on people's nostalgia by referencing quintessential Australian things which would have been common place when they were growing up.

After all, who doesn't love a throwback to simpler times!

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