TikTok trend explained: 'The killer is escaping'

If you've been scrolling through TikTok recently only to be interrupted by a blood-curdling scream then you've discovered TikTok's latest trend.

TikTok users are hilariously using audio from an episode of American Horror Story along with very normal actions for everyday, ordinary objects.

Screenshots of TikTok videos from the 'The killer is escaping' sound. Source: TikTok
'The killer is escaping' is the latest sound trending on TikTok. Source: TikTok

What is the actual trend?

Users take the audio of Sarah Paulson — who plays journalist Lana Winters in the Asylum season of the series — screaming at the top of her lungs: “HELP! HE’S ESCAPING! THE KILLER IS ESCAPING!”

However, TikTok users have taken the audio and used it to show everyday mundane objects "escaping", with the audio in the background.

For example, users have posted things like an electric toothbrush vibrating across the counter, babies crawling and a seagull trapped inside a McDonalds with the harrowing sound in the background.

Where does the trend come from?

The scene comes American Horror Story: Assylum. In the season 2 episode, Sarah Paulson's character, Lana, (who has been committed to the asylum against her will) is trying to escape with another character, Grace.

However, Grace refuses to leave without another patient, Kit, who is in the asylum after being arrested for being a serial killer.

Grace believes he’s innocent and Lana believes he’s guilty. She isn’t willing to try and escape if Kit comes with them, which is why she yells out the “killer is escaping” line to alert the guards.

Biggest videos of the trend so far

The biggest videos of the trend have upwards of 4 million views. There are over 167,000 videos tagged with the audio at the moment.

Why is the trend so popular?

It started as TikTokers use the soundbite as a funny way to dramatise normal movements or funny natural occurrences, but it's now evolved to users mouthing along with the dialogue with funny movements or as much or little emotion as possible.

Watch this space to see where it goes next!

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