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TikTok trend explained: 'Looking forward to crackin' up'

Who doesn't look forward to a good laugh?

Lizzie McGuire star Jake Thomas certainly does. Unfortunately for him though, TikTok's latest giggle comes at the expense of him and an old interview that's resurfaced from a red carpet.

Nothing like the world jumping onboard a moment from 20 years ago!

Screenshots of TikToks. Source: TikTok
The trend was kicked off by the man behind the original soundbite himself - Jake Thomas. Source: TikTok

What is the actual trend?

TikTok's latest involves cracking up — thanks to an old interview brought to the internet's attention by Jake Thomas again.

In videos using the soundbite, people mouth along to the dialogue, with something that makes them "crack up" written above them.

These range from anything from "watching my own Instagram stories" to "me and my friends recycling the same jokes we've been telling for six years".

Where does the trend come from?

Jake Thomas, who played Matt McGuire in the popular series, which ran from 2001 to 2004, posted a snippet on the interview to his TikTok account.

In his TikTok video, the interview plays behind the actor, now 31, as he reacts to it.

"What are you looking forward to most about this film?" the reporter asks on the red carpet.

"I think I'm looking forward to cracking up," a young Jake replies.

"I hope I can, you know, totally crack up," he continues.

"I haven't cracked up in a long time.

"I did," a now-adult Jake confirms at the end of the video.

Jake then commented on his own Instagram post, writing: "show me your best with this audio", which the TikTok users well and truly took to heart.

Biggest videos of the trend so far

The actor kicked off the trend by writing: "when I hear that an old interview of myself resurfaces", mouthing along with the words of his 11-year-old self.

The original video posted by the actor has over 8 million views, with his second one with over 300,000 so far.

Why is it so popular?

The trend appealed to many people's nostalgic side — with many TikTokers commenting the interview had "unlocked" something in their memories.

Many users also loved seeing the actor on their screens in some form again, with many commenting they hadn't seen him since the Lizzie McGuire days.

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