TikTok trend explained: The immortal snail

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The subcultures and origins of internet memes are confusing, and often nonsensical.

TikToks involving an immortal snail are the latest trend to confuse sweep the platform. As recent as the trend is, it's actually based off a hypothetical question debated by podcast hosts in 2014.

During the Rooster Teeth Podcast, hosts Gus, Gavin, Matt and Burnie asked the question: "If you were offered $1 million and the chance to be immortal would you take it, if for the rest of your life the snail (which is also immortal) would follow you around and try to kill you?"

Screenshots from TikToks in the trend.  Source: TikTok
The snail trend is TikTokers questioning immortality. Source: TikTok

The question was asked again in a viral Reddit post from 2016, with over 10,000 users arguing over how they would answer the question. 

Now, five years after the Reddit post and seven years after the initial question was posed on a podcast, it's back in TikTok form.

Screenshot of the question from Reddit. Source: Reddit
The question which was asked on Reddit in 2016. Source: Reddit

What is the actual trend?

The trend is still based on the question about the immortal snail, although as usual, TikTokers have added their own flair to the situation.

In typical TikTok fashion, users have taken the notion of impending death by snail, describing what they would do in the unlikely event they are given a million dollars and the threat of a killer snail.

The videos depict how the users would handle a snail trying to kill them always getting closer, usually set to John Lenon's Happy Xmas or a soulful, reflective song.

Biggest videos of the trend so far

The popular videos vary, with some taking the point of view of the snail, others detailing their plan of attack if given the chance, and others imitating well-known personalities and imagining how they would approach the situation. 

Why is the trend so popular?

The trend is the combination of several old and highly discussed memes coming together in a glorious TikTok trend. 

It's also moved through several social media platforms showing the evolution of a meme.

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