Thug's heartless reaction after 'man bun' assault that left victim blind

A judge has scolded a young thug for smirking in the dock, before jailing him and his friend for a violent assault that left a man blind in one eye.

Brent Moresco and Bradley Elmore-Jeffries unleashed a barrage of punches on a helpless young man in a Melbourne pub because they didn’t like his ‘man bun’ hairstyle.

In 13 seconds, the men struck their victim 11 times.

CCTV footage captured the attack on a man because of his hairstyle. Source: 7News

Mr Moresco and Mr Elmore-Jeffries left Elliot Harvey blinded in one eye, his dreams of becoming a conservationist shattered because they didn’t like his hair.

At Mr Moresco’s last hearing, he gave the finger to waiting media outside court.

On Thursday, the judge told the 20-year-old he’d seen the vision and reminded him to keep his hands in his pockets.

The court heard the attack was an example of senseless violence by drunk men.

When asked why they did it, Mr Moresco told investigators: “He just p****d us off fully.”

Brent Moresco (left) and Bradley Elmore-Jeffries (right). Source: 7News

He then revealed in the seconds before the attack they’d told Mr Harvey, “We’re gonna hurt ya.”

As Mr Moresco was being sentenced, he began to smirk in the dock.

The judge immediately stopped the hearing and asked him if he’d found something amusing.

With a grin still on his face he replied, “No your honour, definitely not.”

Both men were jailed for three years.

Mr Moresco instantly teared up, while Mr Jeffries tried to tell him it would be okay.

While Mr Moresco will be sent to youth detention,  Mr Jeffries will spend his time in an adult prison.