Three police officers called to rescue woman who found 'huge spider' in her bed

A young woman was so terrified of a spider she found in her bed three police officers were called to her rescue.

Switzerland beautician Fia Tuor, 28, reportedly suffered a panic attack when she was home alone Saturday night with the eight-legged arachnid.

"I was in a panic" she told newssite Blick.

'Anyone with a phobia knows what I'm talking about,' the beautician said. Source: Facebook

"My hands were tingling and I could barely breathe.”

The arachnophobe said she was so terrified she ran from her bedroom and used a towel to cover the bottom of the door to keep the spider inside while help arrived.

Ms Tuor, from the eastern Swiss town of Chur, said she first reached out for help on social media, but nobody was available to come and help.

In distress, she called the fire department, who dispatched three police officers to her apartment 10 minutes later.

Ms Tuor said the cops took her situation seriously and they were also surprised by the size of the spider.

Three police officers came to her rescue to remove the arachnid. Picture: Supplied

"Anyone with a phobia knows what I'm talking about. That is nothing to laugh about,” she said.

One of the officers guarded the door to the bedroom while the other two used a cardboard box to capture the intruder before it was removed.