Three GIANT snakes plummet from family’s roof: 'No chance'

Terrifying footage has captured the moment three giant snakes tumbled out of a family’s roof in Malaysia.

In the clip posted online a snake handler can be seen using an animal restraint rod to pull the reptile’s tail down from the ceiling while another pole is used to bang on the roof in an apparent attempt to encourage it out.

While he tugs at the snake, a second snake’s head can be seen to the left of the offender, slithering towards the edge as it sticks its long tongue out.

The snake with its tail in the snake catcher (left), the snakes falling through the ceiling (middle), and the three snakes hanging from the roof (right) in Malaysia.
Video captured the moment the three snakes crashed through the ceiling and into the bedroom in Malaysia. Source: Twitter/FightHaven

Suddenly the snake catcher loses his grasp and the reptile slips out and glides further into the roof space. When the rod is next lifted to the ceiling, its circular trap is released in a better effort to catch the reptile.

But just as the handler hooks the tail once again, the entire ceiling collapses, sending the three massive snakes plummeting to the ground.

As those inside the house shriek in fear, the trio of scaly reptiles can be seen dangling down the wall, their long bodies wrapped around each other.

Team captures one snake

While two of the snakes make a break for it back into the roof, the person with the camera moves backwards and a team of specialists from the Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) can be seen in fluro jackets with hard hats.

Slowly entering the bedroom, one of the men uses the rod to trap the remaining snake’s tail, before another manages to grip onto its scales with his own hands.

Between the two of them, they yank the reptile from the ceiling, as they urge people out the room. Suddenly it drops down, and chaos breaks out as the men rush towards the front of the house, pulling the snake behind them.

As more screams are heard down the large hallway, and people are ushered out the way, the reptile rescuers pull the snake towards the front door, assisted by others.

‘No more sleeping at night’

The video was posted to Twitter with the caption: “they were hearing strange noises above them while sleeping at night”.

It has gone viral since it was uploaded on Tuesday morning, racking up more than 4.3 million views.

“I need to know what country this is so I’ll never visit,” one person wrote. “Well I don’t think I’ll have a good sleep tonight,” said another.

“I’d rather have ghosts in my house than this,” someone else commented. “Why aren’t they running and returning with lots of fire?” another asked.

“The worst part of this video is it cuts off with them dragging out the smaller snake while at least one bigger boy slithered back into their roof,” one user added.

“No chance,” someone else simply said.

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