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Woman sues because accident made it harder for her to go on Facebook
Woman sues because accident made it harder for her to go on Facebook

We’ve all heard of Friendster and MySpace, but what exactly is Facebook? It’s the hot new online social network that people are flocking to. In fact, people are becoming so immersed in it, that it’s even becoming a part of life. A daily part of life! And when some people aren’t able to get onto it, it gets them pretty frustrated, as is the case of Joanne Conrod.

The CBC is reporting that the Canadian woman is suing driver David Caverly and the landscaping company he works for, Allterrain Landscaping Services, after a collision between the two diminished her ability to do things like be on Facebook.

According to court documents, Conrod was driving on her way to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, when a dump truck entered her lane and hit her car.

Joanne Conrod claims she is unable to use Facebook like she used to before an accident. Photo: Getty.

She claims the injuries that resulted from that collision have prevented her being able to work and that, “her ability to participate in recreational and social activities has been compromised.”

Additionally, she says that she now has problems with concentration and focus that, “limit the time she is able to spend using websites like Facebook.”

The CBC notes that the attorney for the defendants asked for proof to back up Conrod’s claims, wanting full access to her Facebook account.

Justice Glen G. McDougall determined that Conrod didn’t have to give unfettered access to her Facebook page, but did have to give records of her usage, “including log-in and log-out information.”

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