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TV reporter bangs head after fall during cross
TV reporter bangs head after fall during cross

A TV reporter has appeared to collapse on air during a live cross.

Utah reporter Brooke Graham was doing an interview with two skiers when she began to sway and fell over straight backwards, hitting her head.

After a couple of moments on the ground, Graham valiantly tried to continue her cross, saying she had fallen over.

Graham was fortunately not hurt in the incident.

"I just passed out in the middle of my live shot," Graham wrote on Twitter.

"I guess I shouldn't try reporting when I'm not feeling well!"

The TV station wrote: "KUTV Reporter Brooke Graham works six days a week and is one of our hardest workers."

"She is doing fine following this instance."

Graham was suffering from a non-specified illness when she fell during her live cross. Photo: KUTV