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World s deadliest beach claims another victim
'World's deadliest beach' claims another victim

A man has wrestled with a shark for five minutes before eventually losing his life at a South African beach dubbed the world's deadliest.

Ngidi Msungubana, 25, was surfing in waters only 1.5 metres deep at Second Beach in Port St Johns, a town on the country’s southeastern coast, when he was attacked and repeatedly bitten by the shark.

Witnesses say the water around Mr Msungubana turned blood red as he fought for his life before fellow surfers and lifeguards came to his rescue.

They risked their own lives to drag him to the beach, where a passing doctor worked to save his life before an ambulance arrived.

He died on his way to hospital with massive wounds to his arms and stomach.

Local officials say it is the sixth fatal shark attack at the same beach since 2007. Previously, a lifeguard was attacked in 2007, and three people died in 2009.

Another surfer died at the same beach exactly one year ago in 2011.

Locals watch on as paramedics work on Mr Msungubana.

Local guesthouse owner Michael Gatcke says the beach is now earning a global reputation as the world's most dangerous.

"The frightening thing is that when you look at the statistics for attacks worldwide, usually only around one in six shark attacks in fatal.

But here all of the attacks in the last five years have resulted in death", he told the Daily Mail.

"It makes you wonder whether the sharks are particularly aggressive, or whether there is some other factor that is causing this problem.

Whatever the reason, I no longer surf or go into the water."

Local officials will launch an inquiry into the spate of attacks.

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