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Dockers add tag to clothes
Fremantle Dockers players Nat Fyfe and Sam Menegola are launching their own label called Saint Street. Picture" Mogens Johansen/The West Australian

Fremantle star Nat Fyfe claims to have no fashion sense but it has not stopped him plunging into the cut-throat industry of style and design.

The 22-year-old has joined teammate and good friend Sam Menegola to launch a men's clothing label that is so different from their on-field exploits it even carries the name of a rival team.

The brand Saint Street has started as a range of T-shirts and tank tops, with plans to add sweaters, shirts and even sleeveless hoodies.

"I've got terrible fashion sense - Sam is the brain - but I was keen to come onboard," Fyfe said.

"But we want to steer clear of that footballer's image. We want everyone from a range of ages to be able to chuck on some Saint Street gear and really enjoy wearing it without a footy stigma.

"We don't want it to have this elitism brand."

Menegola, 22, cooked up the concept during an extended spell in 2013 with a serious knee injury.

"I had a bit of time on my hands during rehab and started designing stuff because it felt like something I'd enjoy testing myself on," he said.

"I showed Nat a couple of the designs and that's where it was born.

"A lot of our principles around design are about incorporating stuff that's a bit more traditional, a bit more classic like stripes, your plain white T-shirt, which is the Saint aspect of it, and combining it with the street side, which is a bit grungier, a bit grittier.

"That's where acid washes and the underside prints that are a little bit more worn come in."

The clothing is available at and R'Nay Clothing at Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Fyfe even convinced an outlet in his Wheatbelt hometown Lake Grace to stock the line.

"I got my mum to do the sales pitch and whatever she said, it worked," he said.

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