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Cottesloe hub of high pay
Cottesloe hub of high pay

The wages of middle-aged men in Cottesloe have doubled to $250,000 over the past five years but middle-aged women continue to struggle to get anything similar.

A special breakdown of wages, by age and sex, has revealed just how much of the mining boom has ended up in the pockets of men in Perth's golden triangle.

And the same figures highlight that women have mostly missed out on the boom's spoils. Traditional measures of average wages pull together the pay of every worker.

The new Australian Bureau of Statistics figures, however, break them up across age groups. They do not include investment incomes. In Cottesloe, a male aged between 15 and 24 has an average wage of about $21,700. It is in line with other suburbs across Perth. In 2005-06 the average for a young Cottesloe man was just over $18,000.

But as men in the beachside suburb age, their wage rockets.

For males between 25 and 34 in Cottesloe the average wage is now almost $80,000. The average is $187,144 for the 35-44 age group.

And for the 337 men in the suburb aged between 45 and 54 the average is a State-high of $254,000. In 2005-06 the average wage for a middle-aged man in Cottesloe was $128,000.

Cottesloe women aged between 35 and 44 have an average wage of more than $68,500 but for the 318 women aged 45-54 the average wage is lower at $60,990.